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Polymer Clay Embellishments

Our charms flatback polymer clay craft is the perfect accessory for embellishmentsi. Biz store. Our flashy colors and intricate designs make it perfect for any embellishment project. Plus, our100% recycled materials make our process simpler and more sustainable. So if you're looking for something different and/or fun, look no further than our polymer clay art.

Top 10 Polymer Clay Embellishments

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Polymer Clay Embellishments Ebay

This is a great project to use up some of your polymer clay mold space! You can make a lot of different dolls with this mold! 5 sheets eye stickers are included. this is a 5mm christmas snowmann rainbow envelope polymer clay embellishment. I have put together a few of these as a fun and unique way to add excitement and detail to your scrapbook. The polymer clay is a great material to add to anyscrapbooking project. this polymeric clay product is a great addition to your own creation! It is easy to create and can be adapted to any design needs! The lot of 8 polymeric clay embellishments is perfect for a small project or a larger addition to your resume. the premo mini metal cutters are perfect for crafting a new look for your jewelry! You can choose to use them for a modern look, with a bit of a modern feel, or you can choose to use them as a unique feature that sets your jewelry apart. With 12 different clay paper crafting embellishments, you can choose the perfect piece to create.